Friday, March 12, 2010

12 March 1970

Thursday morning
12 March 1970

I just returned from getting cancelled!  I was supposed to fly an escort for an A-6 to bomb the Ho Chi Minh trail.  But while we were at the end of the runway to take off, we got word that the A-6 in Da Nang wouldn’t be going because of aircraft troubles!

So we taxied back in and came home.  However - I haven’t been to sleep all night because couldn’t get to sleep earlier - and now I’m wide awake because I drank a cup of coffee before getting in the aircraft.  I really didn’t want to fly this mission because these are the most dangerous ones we fly. 

I don’t have anything scheduled until noon today, so I will be able to get some sleep.  But right now I’m wide awake.  I suppose I’ll read awhile.

I got an Esquire magazine today and I was looking at their advertisements for men’s clothing.  I’ve been so conservative in my dress - but I really like some of the new mod styles.  Perhaps I’ll start buying more radical styles in the future.  I’m tired of the conservative square type of individual I’ve been because of the Marine Corps.  When I get to be a civilian, I just may grow long hair, etc.

Thursday night
12 March 1970

Right now I make over $12,000 a year.  Of course - only while I’m in Vietnam.

I flew two missions today - both scrambled off the hot pad.  And I hope they are my last combat missions!  I fully expect the F-4s to be out of here before I get back from FAC.  I’m not flying tomorrow as I have to pack and store all my flight gear - and then I’ll be leaving here early Saturday morning.

Not to worry about the danger of being a FAC!  From everything I’ve heard it’s safer  than flying.  It may be more uncomfortable being with the grunts, but I’m still looking forward to it.

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