Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 March 1970

Tuesday night
10 March 1970

Spent another six hours on the hot pad - but didn’t get scrambled this time.  However I did fly a hop this morning.  I now have about 130 missions.  I could have 200 in another two months - but I’ll be happy with what I have.  I’m only going to fly for two more days before I start checking out, to leave.

We had a fairly good floor show tonight.  Supposedly the people were from the Philippines, England, France and Belgium!  Quite an international group.  The guy from Belgium was a caricaturist.  And was really an outstanding artist.

Rick Hines and Ken Bond joined the squadron today after their little trip back to the states!  When I remember that I could have been in that squadron and could have been in their place - boy it just makes me sick!  They all got seven days leave in the States.  Rough, eh!!

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