Monday, March 1, 2010

1 March 1970

Sunday night
1 March 1970

I was hoping to get a PAR trip to Japan to pick up an airplane before I go FAC.   But I just don’t know if I can afford to.

I have the all night duty tonight, and am about to start writing tomorrow’s flight schedule.  I suppose today’s schedule was okay as I never heard anything to indicate otherwise.

I still don’t know what date I’ll be going FAC.  I was sure I would find out today, but since everyone had the afternoon off, I couldn’t get any action.

The “frag” just came in so I’ll have to stop now and get to work.


The schedule is finished and being typed, so I’ll add a few more lines.

I flew once today and am scheduled to fly twice tomorrow.  As usual, we’re short of RIOs.  We got two new RIOs in today.  I say they’re new, they were in VMFA-542 which went back to the states.  I’m sure these guys were part of the crews which ferried the planes to El Toro.

The beach party this afternoon was a big success.  We had steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the beer and coke you could drink.  All the officers were thrown into the ocean by the enlisted men.  The enlisted men get a big kick out of doing that. I suppose it releases their latent desire to be disrespectful to an officer.  And we don’t mind either.  I had been there about five minutes when I was surrounded by a number of burly, drunken Marines so I went quite peacefully!

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