Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 February 1970

Saturday night
28 February 1970

Another month down and ? to go.  Our most persistent rumors still point to June or July pull-out.

I wrote tomorrow’s flight schedule and I really like doing it.  We get a “frag” from group that has mission numbers, ordnance loads, and target times.  I fill in all the names to fly the missions.  It took me about two and a half hours but I should be able to cut down the time after I get used to it.

I was told today that I am going to FAC duty next month for 90 days!!  I should receive my orders tomorrow and will know the exact day.  It will probably be during the last two weeks of next month.

Going FAC will mean the mail situation will be really bad.  I understand sometime they go without mail for up to two weeks.  Even longer without showers!

At any rate I’ll get my chance at being a Grunt!  I’m looking forward to it in a way, and it’s not anymore dangerous than flying over here.

I didn’t get any mail today.

When Mike Breeding had his accident, and since they are missing, we had to have a detailed investigation into the accident.  As a part of the investigation I was asked to write a statement about Mike, his activities during that day, and what I thought of his flying.   The statement will become part of the official investigation of the incident.

I understand the search for them has been completely abandoned.

The squadron is having a beach party tomorrow for all hands.  It will be in the afternoon, so we’re only flying tomorrow morning.  However, we’re flying as many missions in half a day as we would in a whole day.  That made writing the schedule a little harder.

(Picture taken in summer, 1967, before reporting for four years of active duty.)


  1. I am glad I have found you. I was a corporal with VMFA 122 and was on the flight line and in the flight line shack when Lt Breeding went out on his third mission. You were supposed to be on that flight but you had already flown that day. Please contact me. I also belive I served with you in another squadron.
    Robert Schmidling

  2. Sirs, gentlemen - I knew Mike Breeding as a kid. He was my sister's Senior prom date. We have kept his memory alive for these 40 years, my littlest cousin has been wearing his MIA bracelet since 1973. Please tell us where you are so we may keep you in our prayers as well. We are planning a model of the airplane that Mike flew to be installed in his (my) hometown and would love to know of the friends who knew him last. Kim Stryker (neighbor of Mike's folks in Blue Rapids, Kansas)