Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23 February 1970

Monday night
23 February 1970

Nothing new here, just the same old routine day after day after day.  No mail today.

After I wrote last night, I was called down to the hot pad because “they” thought we would be scrambled.  Seems “they” had found about 150 VC somewhere.  Anyway, we did not get scrambled and we had to spend the whole night on the pad.  Consequently I didn’t get a good nights sleep, and I’m more tired than last night.

I was on the pad all afternoon and did get scrambled once.  I hate the hot pad second only to being away from home.  And when I hate anything that much, it must be bad.

We played bridge again today, as that’s the only way to pass the time down there.  I really do like the game, but can’t play well at all!  I play bridge about as well as canasta!  Ha.

The movie tonight was one we had here about three weeks ago!  Now that’s really bad when we have to watch reruns!

Photo taken at Marine Corps Birthday Ball, November, 1967.

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