Saturday, February 27, 2010

27 February 1970

Friday night
27 February 1970

I really can’t think of anything to write.  Every thing is the same here, as usual.  Each day just like the day before, with the only difference being the day changes on my watch.  Someone was saying this morning that if we were back in the states, we would be happy tomorrow is Saturday, but here it’s no different.  It’ll probably take a couple of months to get used to having the weekends off!  Ha.

Only flew once today.  I’ve quit “sniveling” hops, as we call it, which means getting yourself on extra hops your not scheduled for.  The way I see it, every hop I “snivel” is one more chance of
getting shot down.  I think I’ve flown 40 missions this month, which is more than any month since I’ve been here.

We’ve played bridge the past two nights, for want of anything else to do.

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