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17 February 1970

Tuesday night
17 February 1970

It’s funny how I can’t think of anything original to write!  I seem bogged down, always saying the same things in my letters.  Maybe it’s because I write everyday and am not articulate enough to write interesting letters.  I was reading about those letters Jackie Kennedy had written - and the ones that were reprinted in the paper were “different” - she used words and phrases which showed her education.   Despite my education in Speech and English, I’m actually almost illiterate!

I’m reading the book The Pawnbroker which is a very good book.  I would like to see the movie.

I would like to get some pre-recorded cassettes - perhaps 3 or 4 - of such artists as Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, etc.  I prefer all vocalists because I already have several cassettes of instrumentals.  Mike was to get me some cassettes when he went to survival school - but since he is missing now - - - .

We received a report today that a parachute has been found in the ocean in the area where the plane went down.  We are waiting for the parachute to be taken to Da Nang to be identified.  In a F-4 we have 3 different kinds of parachutes and it could be anyone of the three.  There is the personnel parachute, a drogue parachute (a small chute used to deploy the personnel chute), and the drag chute ( the small chute used to slow down after landing).  Which chute and it’s condition could give some idea of what might have happened.

The only mail I received today was the enclosed card.  I’m dismayed at the inefficiency of USAA!

We played bridge tonight in lieu of watching the movie (The Devil’s Bride).  Russ, was my partner and we won!  Russ received a single mission air medal for a mission he flew back in September.  This is the award given for an outstanding mission but not quite good enough to earn the DFC.

I flew my 99th mission today and should get my 100th tomorrow.  After that there won’t be anything to aim for.  I don’t expect to be here long enough to fly 200 missions.

My assigned pilot now is Kurt Wilbrecht.  He was my roommate for awhile right after he got here, but had to move to another hooch.

I work in operations now and am the “MARESFORSTAT” officer and Schools Officer.

MARESFORSTAT is a great long ? Anagram?  Which stands for a long complicated reporting system.  It involves making reports about the squadron’s  readiness and state of equipment on hand, etc.  There are about 5 - 6 reports to be made monthly.  It’s all computerized, and the reports are made on computer cards, then sent to wing, via group.  As schools officer, I act as a coordinator for sending people to all the various schools for which we receive quotas.

What a long letter!  Almost like running off at the hand!  Ha.

Photo - 1/Lt. Kurt Wilbrecht

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