Monday, February 8, 2010

8 February 1970

Sunday night
8 February 1970

I flew two hops today - a CAS this morning and a TPQ tonight.  I flew both with lieutenants  and I really enjoyed them!  I like flying with lieutenants so much more.  Maj. Gibson is out of the squadron now.

VMFA-314 lost another plane this morning!  That’s two within 48 hours.  This one was shot down, but both guys got out okay.  When I first heard about this plane being shot down, they thought it was the plane that Pat Skeldon was flying in!!!  Boy was I worried about that.  However it turned out that it was the other plane in the flight!

I heard today that the baby of Capt. George Landon and his wife was prematurely still-born!  I wonder if this was at Cherry Point Hospital.

I haven’t played any handball in the past few days.  I just haven’t had time during the daytime because of all the flying.  I don’t like to play at night because then I just want to relax and watch the movie - or read.

I still haven’t received the cookies!!!!

We got no mail today in the squadron!  Maybe tomorrow - I hope.

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