Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 February 1970

2 February 1970

I’ve a stack of letters here that I’ve been intending to answer, but it’s always easier to put if off “one more day”!

I’ve been flying quite a lot since I got back from Okinawa.  I’ve been flying at least twice a day for the past week.  I don’t mind the flying, just so long as I get a good night’s sleep.  I’ve already flown once this morning and have another after lunch.

I’ve started carrying my camera with me on all flights, just in case I should be able to get some good pictures.  If I go to Ubon again, I’ll be prepared.

The weather cleared up last night.  We’d been having cloudy, rainy, cool weather, but today is sunny and warm.  Good flying weather.

I was planning to go to Tam Ky tomorrow, but I just found out that they may need me to fly during the afternoon - when I was planning to go.  I sure want to go up there again, but flying comes first, I guess.  Maybe I’ll still get to go.

Most of the guys in 542 went back to the states because they had to fly the airplanes back.  However, the ones who have less than nine months in over here, are supposed to come right back - like Skip, Rick Hines, and some others.  They’ll probably get to spend some time with their wives in the states, but probably not more than a few days.  Those guys are sure lucky!

Most of the people who have gone on R & R say that leaving Hawaii or where ever they went for R & R, is worse than the first time they left their wives to come over here.  Russ Fyke said he really felt awful after his R & R.  Most of these people take R & R as soon as they’re eligible (at the end of 3 months) but, I think it’s better to wait awhile.  Those guys won’t see their wives now for about 8 - 9 months unless they go home early.  I’d still rather wait and have it to look forward to, and then have a short time afterwards.  Of course I ‘m still hoping I get to Japan.

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