Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 February 1970

7 February 1970
Saturday night

I still haven’t received those cookies.  If they’ve been lost, that makes two things lost - the tape and the cookies!  All this time without anything being lost, and now two things close together.

I flew twice today - one the TPQ at 0100 and the other a scramble off the hot pad this morning.  I was to fly another hop this afternoon, but our plane “went down” [mechanical malfunction] just as we were about to take off.  It’s a good thing we didn’t get airborne.

VMFA-314, here at Chu Lai, lost a plane last night.  One of it’s engines failed on takeoff and the crew ejected successfully.  The plane crashed and burned just off the end of the runway.  That was at 0300 this morning.

The movie tonight is one I saw in Okinawa, so I’m going to bed a little early tonight, for I’m sure I’ll be on the hot pad tomorrow morning.  Actually, I’m on the pad now, on 30 minute alert in my hooch.

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