Monday, February 15, 2010

15 February 1970

Sunday night
15 February 1970

We had today, of all things, a field meet!  It was sponsored by MABS-13 and all the squadrons in MAG-13 participated.  They had everything - 100 yard dash, high jump, broad jump, 220 yard dash, long distance run, etc.  It was quite a deal including free food and beer for all.  122 finished 2nd in the overall standings, to 314, by a difference of only 3 points.  So you see, even in combat we get our fun - but we can’t get our water heater fixed!  Ha.

Today was just like every other day for the past 3 weeks, as far as flying goes.  I flew 2 missions,
however I think I was the only person in the squadron to do so.  Most everyone else only flew once.  I was scheduled for only one, but had to take a hop for a RIO who didn’t feel well.

I shared one bag of the corn chips and some bean dip with some of the guys tonight and they really liked it.

I’m not very talkative tonight - so I’ll close!

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