Monday, February 22, 2010

21 and 22 February 1970

Saturday night
21 February 1970

I didn’t fly yesterday at all.  As everyday goes by it looks more and more as though MAG-13 will be out soon (the next 3-4 months).  The big question is where we’ll go.

I flew a TPQ tonight, my first mission in over 48 hours.  There have been only two days this month when I haven’t flown, and yesterday was the second.  We start hot pad duty again tomorrow and it just doesn’t seem possible it’s already been 10 days since we were down there last.

I received a package of about 10 candy bars!!!  Hersheys, Almond Joys, Mounds, and Butternuts.

Sunday night
22 February 1970

I’m very tired tonight, and I haven’t done a thing all day.  I didn’t fly, and was on the hot pad all afternoon.

We played bridge for over five hours straight, with not one hot pad scramble.  I’m on the B pad tonight which doesn’t mean anything.  I’m sleepy, so off to get some sleep.

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