Friday, February 19, 2010

19 February 1970

Thursday night
19 February 1970

I now have exactly 8 months remaining of 12!  The 19th is my date to return in October.  Actually I’ve been over here about 17 - 18 weeks.

No mail for me today - but I didn’t expect any since I got mail yesterday.

I flew only once today.  We bombed an enemy headquarters, supposedly.  I really doubt some of the targets we get!

Ever since I was assigned to fly with Kurt, he’s the only one I’ve flown with, and I really like it - flying with a lieutenant all the time.

I’ve worked out for two straight days now!  I played four very strenuous games of handball yesterday, and played tennis for an hour today.  I don’t know if I’m losing weight, but I do feel better - getting exercise and not eating as much as I had been in the past.  I’m not interested in getting “muscular”, I’m to lazy for that!  Ha.  I just want to slim up a little.  There was a time when I wished I weighed 175 lbs!  Now that I do, I wish I weighed 160 lbs.  Never happy I guess!!

We had a good comedy for a movie tonight.  A Peter Sellers movie - “The Party”.  really hilarious!  I wish we could have more movies like that to help cheer us up.

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