Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17 March 1970

Tuesday morning
17 March 1970

I have now been the “bush” for two nights and days - and believe me - it’s not glamorous.  I haven’t had a bath since I left Chu Lai, and I probably won’t get one for several weeks!  I do all my washing, shaving, etc., out of my helmet!  My desk to write this is an empty C ration box. 

I have an inflatable rubber mattress, affectionately known as a “rubber lady”.  Mine has a slow leak and has to be blown up about every two hours during the night!

The battalion moved to a new position yesterday, by helicopters, so I got the first taste of what my job is to be like.  We expect to be in this new area for about three weeks.

I will continue to get flight pay while here.

I suppose I’d better clean up a little, and shave.

We’re located on top a hill about ten miles south of Da Nang, and it’s quite cool up here.  But, it won’t be cool after the sun comes up.

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