Friday, April 30, 2010

30 April 1970

30 April 1970

It is so hot here - I don’t even believe it - so I know you couldn’t.  We’ve been in one place since last night, but will probably move to a new position this afternoon.

Night before last it poured down all night - and I was soaked and cold - all night.  And now it’s hot - oh well - can’t always be happy.

Got the package of sardines and newspapers.  The sardines are just fine, even though they’re not in olive oil.  Any kind of food from the world is most appreciated.

The Combat Action Ribbon is a “grunts” ribbon for being involved in actual combat.  Most flyers don’t get this ribbon, so I’m proud to have it - even though it’s kind of dangerous to earn.

Photo - A Marine relaxing in the shade.

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