Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 April 1970

Friday night
24 April 1970

It’s nearly dark - and when the sun sets, all activity ceases!  I’m in the bush once again.  We came out yesterday afternoon.  We spent last night in one place, then moved to a new place for tonight.  I went out on a patrol this morning with a squad.  I wanted to go out to break the monotony.  Also I was hoping we would run into some VC and perhaps get a little action!  But - no!  My phenomenal luck for staying out of direct enemy contact continues!  Ha.

At the end of two weeks, C Co will go back to Baldy for 3 days of rehab, and I will try to go to Chu Lai and do some flying.  I don’t particularly want to fly - but I’d like to get a short vacation from the grunts!

Tonight I had vegetable beef soup for dinner.  Since one package makes so much, my radio operator and I shared it.  Also, I’ve already eaten one can of pudding, and 2 packs of Kool-Aid.  In only 24 hours in the bush.  So, I’ll need more.

We should get resupply tomorrow, so I’ll get this in the mail, and maybe I’ll get some mail, to.

Right now is the best part of the day.  The sun is now down, there is a cool breeze, I’m smoking a good cigar, and have a full stomach!  What more could I want?  Ha.

Photo - Marines eating meal in a burned out house.  In center of photo can be seen the opening of a cache of rice buried in the floor.

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