Sunday, January 24, 2010

19 January 1970

Monday night
19 January 1970

I found out today that I’ll be going back to Chu Lai on Wednesday morning.  We’ll be flying back on a Continental flight - not bad, eh!  I should be back in Chu Lai the same day, I hope.  There is absolutely nothing to do here because of the strike.

I heard today that Ted Lamb, the Lt RIO who had his wife in Japan for 60 days, was hurt pretty bad in an accident at Cherry Point.  A bird hit the canopy of the airplane and broke the canopy and came inside!  The pilot’s face was cut up, but not seriously.  However, one of Ted’s eyes was hurt real bad and, I guess, they’re afraid he’ll lose his eye.  I heard this from an enlisted man I saw today who was in 513.  He’s on his way to Vietnam.  He also said that Col. Bushhaus and Maj. G are both on they’re way over here.  I hope I don’t see either one of them.

We spent most of today playing one card game or another all day long.  It’s been raining constantly and there is absolutely nothing to do.

Cpl. Moye, who worked for me in operations in 513, was the one who told me all the news about Cherry Point.

I’ve run out, again!

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