Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 January 1970

Wednesday night
28 January 1970

The wind has been blowing today just like Lubbock in the summer time!!  Hot and blustery.

I flew twice today.  This morning I flew an escort mission.  We were escorting a RF-4 recon plane that was taking photos in Laos.  Our mission was to shoot at any antiaircraft guns that might shoot at the photo bird.  No guns shot at him, though, which didn’t upset me at all!!  This afternoon I flew a CAS hop.  Our BDA was 2 structures destroyed, 2 structures damaged, 2 bunkers destroyed, and 2 trails cut.

The movie tonight is an Elvis Presley flick which I just couldn’t take.  So I guess I’ll get to bed early tonight.

We’ve had no rain since I got back from Okinawa, for which I’m very grateful!!  I hope it never rains again.  I even like the hot weather we’ve been having!  I hope to work off some of this fat I’ve got around my middle!

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