Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday night
9 January 1970

Tonight, for lack of anything else to do, I went to the show and saw a fairly good movie entitled The Magus, from the book of the same name.  It was one of those bewildering movies that leaves one wondering “what does it mean” - “what’s it all about”.  Then I decided  - does it have to mean anything at all.  When I was coming out some man ask me if I understood it.  I said “of course I did, didn’t he?”  You should have seen his face!  Ha.

After the movie I went to the o’club to get a coke.  When I ordered the coke, the bartender looked at me as though I was some kind of nut.  He asked if I wanted a straight coke and I said yes.  When he brought it back I tried to pay for it and he said no, it was on the house!  Ha. Some drunk standing at the bar also made some unintelligible remark!  Ha.

The strike by the Okinawans continued today.  It doesn’t seem to really hurt much.  The o’club at Camp Hanson has had all it’s waitresses both days.  However the strike has had a little more effect here at Kadena.  Most of the waitresses are on strike so they hired some high school girls to wait tables at the o’club.  We have to file thru the kitchen, buffet style, to get our food.  It’s funny how young these girls look!  We asked how old they were and one is a senior!  She looked about 15.

Would you believe it’s been raining every day since we’ve been here!  Today it really rained hard for awhile - but we were in class.  Tomorrow morning we are to be outside so I hope it clears up.

This cold weather has really ruined my skin!  My skin has returned to it’s winter state - dry, rough, chapped, and awful looking!!  I’ll be glad when I get back to Chu Lai so it’ll clear up.  Also, all my mail is piling up back at Chu Lai.

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