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Saturday night, 10 January 1970

Saturday night
10 January 1970

Guess who I ran into yesterday at Camp Hanson!  Rick Holt!!   He’s down here on some kind of an exchange deal where flyers come down from Japan to teach the grunts a little about aviation.  He’s been here for a week. 

After class this afternoon I went by and picked him up at the BOQ at Camp Hanson and brought him down to Kadena.  We spent sometime shopping and Rick bought 2 cameras!  Karen is working, so he’s got money to burn!  We went to the Kobe beef place and ate, then went to the movie and saw the “Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”.

Karen was up at Japan with Rick for 2 weeks!  She spent Christmas and New Year’s with him and just left last Sunday.  It’s really hard to believe he was with his wife just 5 days ago.

I’ve been asking Rick about living accommodations around Iwakuni, and everything sounds real fine.  Rick says I can get a nice furnished apartment for about $80.00 a month near the base.   That sounds kind of high to me.  I would hope for something a little less.

Photo - my buddy, Rick Holt, playing with his new camera.

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