Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27 January 1970

27 January 1970

I was on the hot pad last night - so I’ll write now.  I flew one time yesterday - a pretty good flight.  We were escort for a TA-4 that was looking for targets of opportunity.

I forgot to mention it - we got rocketed here 2 days ago.  About 8 rockets hit inside the area here.  It was about 1030 and I was down at the hot pad at the time.  Most of the guys ran to the bunker.  I don’t know if I’m crazy, brave, or what, but I just went outside to see the excitement.  I haven’t been in a bunker yet!  Besides, the rats live in the bunkers and I’m more afraid of them.  As far as I know there was one Vietnamese killed by the rockets, and apparently no damage.

Today was our last day on the pad - hooray!  I flew twice this afternoon, a CAS and a TPQ.  Then I was off this evening and got to see the movie.  I didn’t get any letters today - just a Newsweek.

I watched the movie with Pat Skeldon.  He said his wife is living in Spokane, Washington.  John Bailey is the next RIO from 513 due to come over, followed by Stacy.  I can remember when all those guys checked into 513 and they didn’t know beans about flying.

Now that we’re off the pad, things should be a little more lax, and I can plan on getting plenty of sleep every day - I hope.

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