Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 January 1970

Friday Nite
2 Jan. 1970

Well, I got to Okinawa, finally!  We left Chu Lai yesterday morning and went to Danang.  But we couldn’t get a flight out of Danang until 1630 today and it’s a 5 hour flight to Okinawa.  So we finally got here late tonight. 

We are staying at the Kadena AFB BOQ tonight, a real nice place.  We have to report in tomorrow at 1300, but we still don’t know for sure just where the school is held or where we’ll be staying.

I ran into Hawk Cornetta tonight at the o’club.  He was at Basic School with me and is real small (smaller than me.)  I was surprised to see him.  No matter where I go I run into old friends.

The BOQ here is fantastic!!  These rooms have TVs, a refrigerator stocked with beer and soft drinks, wall to wall carpet, and even a clock radio.  These crews that live here are mostly B-52 crews who fly missions to Vietnam.  What a way to fight a war!  If I ever join the military again, it’ll be the Air Force.

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  1. That last line is hilarious! When Travis was still in high school I made him go talk to recruiters in all the branches of the military. The air force recruiter said, "If you want to sleep in a tent, join the army. If you want to sleep in the mud, join the Marines. If you want to sleep in a hotel, join the air force." I guess he wasn't lying!