Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday night, 5 January 1970

Monday night
5 January 1970

The end of another day has come!  One less day I am away from home.  One day closer to going home.

Our first day of class was okay.  Looks like this might be an interesting school.

I bought a cassette recorder today.  I also bought some blank cassettes on which I’ll record some music.  There are cassettes available with music already on them, but I haven’t been able to find any here.  I plan to leave the cassette recorder in the car when I get home and can play music as I drive.   It’s an outstanding recorder and the music is just as good quality as any good radio.  I put the mike in front of the radio here in the room and recorded some music.  It’s exactly what I wanted and I’m tickled pink!!!

Boy, it’s cold here!!  The wind is blowing from the north and is very chilly!  There’s a rumor that the temperature is to go down to 4 degrees tonight.  I sure hope not.  The weather is especially cold as I’m not used to cold weather having just come from Chu Lai.

One of the benefits in the BOQ here is free laundry service.  I just leave my dirty laundry on the bed in the morning and when I return at night, it’s all clean and folded.  The laundry I had done today is so clean and white I can’t even believe it’s mine!  All my stuff was so gray and filthy looking, that I’m going to have the stuff that was supposed to be clean, done tomorrow.

We’re watching TV tonight.  Right now Star Trek is on.  Since we only have the one station in English, we don’t have much choice.  This station is run by the Armed Forces Radio - Television Service.

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