Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday night
15 January 1970

My nightly newsletter!  Ha.  Rained all day so we only spent about 1 ½ hours in the field doing a simple map reading problem.   The CAS exercise couldn’t be held because the weather was to bad for the planes.  We were off all afternoon. 

 Gen. Chapman was at Camp Hansen today for lunch.  The camp CO didn’t want us around in our jungle utilities so we ate lunch at another Marine camp to get us out of sight.  But, the General showed up himself wearing jungle utilities!!!  Almost so funny I thought about sending the story to Reader’s Digest!  We’ll try again tomorrow to do the CAS exercise.

I got paid today and sent a money order for $75.00.   It’s an American Express money order.  After I swore to never do business with that company I was forced to do so.  The post office doesn’t sell money orders as it is in the same building as the American Express Bank which is the bank on base.  So - to encourage people to use the bank, the post office doesn’t sell postal money orders.  How about that!

There is, of all things, a Mexican food restaurant here!  I ate dinner there tonight and the food was delicious!  Just about as good as the Mexican food back home.  Maybe it tasted so good because I’d had no Mexican for so long.

I finished taping my cassettes tonight, and I have 4 hours of real fine music. It’ll help break the monotony back at Chu Lai, having some music to listen to!!

We expect to leave here on Monday, although the school finishes on Saturday.  No one, including me, is very anxious to get back in country!

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  1. Just found your blog Major, nice.

    I was somewhere south of DaNang in 1968 and always appreciated seeing Phantoms coming in low. Thanks