Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday morning
7 January 1970

I’m sitting in one of the most boring classes I’ve ever seen.  It’s a communications class taught by a com officer (Major) who is awful!

This morning has been a long one, it seems because of dull classes.

There’s a new rumor going round that VMFA-542, the squadron in Danang, is going to be pulled out pretty soon.  I think it’s just a rumor - but who knows.  Don Mikulka, Rick Hines, and Skip Spindler are in 542.  Skip is here at FAC school also.  We have people here from Chu Lai, Danang, Okinawa, and Japan, for this school.

The instructors for this school came from San Diego just to teach this school.  They come out here every quarter to teach this school.  It’s kind of funny because we know more about what’s going on in-country than they do.  So, in a way, we teach them.

I’ve been reading the paper this morning about the Kennedy hearing, and I wonder just what will come of it.

Well this class is finally about over, and it’s lunch time, so I’ll write more later!

After lunch

Well, we’re back in class with the same instructor!  So I suppose I’ll get some sleep!  The instructor is telling us right now about how much this particular class has been criticized in the past!

Well, I have nothing else to write.

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