Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday night
8 January 1970

This week is sure dragging by!  It’s only Thursday and seems like it ought to be Friday.

When I was in Okinawa last time, the Okinawans were holding demonstrations against American forces in Okinawa.  They had several riots, in fact.  Well, now we’re cutting back our forces in Okinawa, and, as a result many Okinawans working for the military have been dismissed.  Now they are demonstrating against the dismissal of these workers!!  In fact, the natives have declared a strike for today and tomorrow, against all military bases here.  They have pickets outside all the gates and we don’t have our usual waitresses in the clubs, or maids in the BOQ.  These people really ire me!  First they want us to get out - then they’re mad when we leave!

We went to the finals of the Inter-Service boxing championship tonight.  All the services here in Okinawa were represented in this tournament.  And the Marines won the over-all championship!

Boy it was exciting.  That’s the first time I’ve gone to a real boxing match, and I really enjoyed it.  There were a couple of knockouts, and some very good boxing.

Some of the Marine officers stationed here permanently  with the Division, have their wives over here, for sixty days I guess.  These wives eat in the o’club at noon, and the sight of them makes me long for when I get to Japan.

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