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Sunday night, 11 January 1970

Sunday night
11 January 1970

I just heard the worst news!  Apparently Bob Burnes was killed in Laos just recently.  I saw and talked to him on the first when I was in Danang.  The pilot was Maj. Robinson.  I also talked to him in Danang.  As far as I can find out, their plane was shot down and neither one got out of the plane!  I’m so stunned I just can’t think of anything else.  I keep thinking about his wife and baby and wondering how she’ll take it.

I spent all day with Rick.  We went bicycling around the base and saw some historic things and took a lot of pictures.  Rick is going to the Kobe beef restaurant tonight with some other guys.  He doesn’t know about Bob yet, so I guess I’ll tell him when he comes back to get his things here in my room.

Bob was growing a mustache and it really looked awful.  I just can’t believe he’s dead.  Maj. Robinson was an instructor at MAWTU at Cherry Point and was probably one of the finest pilots in the Marine Corps.

When I ate supper tonight I observed a couple and their two boys eating at the next table.  The boys looked about 6 and 4 and the little one was real cute and mischief looking.  I was eating my heart out and mentally kicking myself for not being in the Air Force!  It was such a happy family.  The little boy had a hot dog and ate all the wiener out of it!  He also had a big glass of chocolate milk and wouldn’t drink it all.

Links to Vietnam Memorial Wall 

Photos - Left - Major Larry Wayne Robinson, USMC, KIA in Laos, 5 January 1970
Right - 1/Lt. Robert Wayne Burnes, USMCR, KIA in Laos, 5 January 1970

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