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Wednesday, 14 January 1970

Wednesday night
14 January 1970

Rain, rain, rain!!!  All day!  Tomorrow we are to be out in the field all day so I hope it clears up!

They have a real fine hobby shop here.  There is a ceramic section, jewel polishing, woodworking, leather tooling, painting, photography, and electronics.  The enclosed photo was made by me in the hobby shop.  I also made an 8 X 10, a 5 X 7, 2 3 X 5, and 4 billfold size - all the same pose for a total cost of about 20 cents.!!  O.J. took the picture on his camera and developed the negatives.  I then took the negative and made all these prints!

I also took my cassette recorder and recorded some of my blank cassettes in the electronics department.  They have many albums on tape and anyone can go in and record the tapes on their own tapes.  The hobby shop has several recorders for this purpose.  I just plugged my recorder right in to the big recorder.  I taped 2 hours of real fine music tonight and I’m going back tomorrow night and tape 2 more.

I suppose most bases have these hobby shops with all these facilities, but I’ve never taken benefit of it.  Maybe I should do that when I get to my new station.

Rumors - that MAG-15 in Japan is going to the states, MAG-12 (A-4s) is going to Japan, and one other MAG in country is going to the states!!  Rick Holt is in MAG 15 - but he wouldn’t go home because he’s been over here less than 9 months.  VMFA-542 is definitely leaving Danang, but all the new guys like Skip, Rick Hines, John Nelson will stay in country - probably coming down to Chu Lai.  The rumors are that all these groups that are moving will be doing so between now and April.  If I can stay in country until April and then go to Japan that would be about right.  However I wouldn’t mind if they decided to send me to El Toro or Hawaii!!!

I found out that Bob Burnes was definitely killed.  Seems the plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire and exploded before either one got out.  This was what happened to the plane from 122 that got shot down last month - but our crew was lucky!  War is hell. I guess this is the closest person to me to be killed in Vietnam.  Really makes you think about how lucky I’ve been so far!

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