Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 August 1970

Monday night
10 August 1970

Only 69 days!!

Today was a good one ( if there is such a thing here)!  I got two hops which pleased me much.  I should get three missions tomorrow, so I’ll probably be able to get my 200 missions.  (If I don’t get sick)

The movie tonight was no good, so I’ll go to bed early tonight.  I’m flying late tomorrow night, so I’ll “catch up” on the sleep tonight!  Ha.

We’re having a floor show tomorrow night, but I’ll be flying at the time.  I scheduled myself for that mission, because I figured the floor show would probably be as bad as usual!  Seems like the longer I’m here, the worse the floor shows are.  Most of the bands that perform play the same, with very little originality.

I remembered today that I hadn’t collected my per diem pay for that trip to Udorn - so I went over to disbursing and got paid $23.00!  I wish I could get more good deals like that!  Of course the $23.00 didn’t come near paying for that trip - but it helps.

Photo - hanging out at poolside during R and R.

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