Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 August 1970

Saturday night
15 August 1970


Tonight we had the best floor show we’ve had since I’ve been here!  It was a real fine group with lots of original material and a very good female singer.

After I finished writing last night, I flew two TPQ missions - one at 2130 and one at 0100.  I had the operations clerk come and stand the phone watch so I could fly them.  Then I had another mission at 0730 this morning. So, I flew a lot and slept little during the night.  So after my hop this morning, I went to bed and slept right through lunch ‘til 1630!  Then I got up and went to dinner.  Because I got those two TPQs, I’ll probably get my 200 missions.  However, if I could leave right now for home, I would gladly!!  But I have to stay here for a little while yet and the only “goal” I have is getting 200 missions.

I didn’t fly with the skipper today - and he told me tonight that I had “left him in a lurch” - if you know what that means.  He said the RIO who flew with him was bad - and that kind of help he didn’t need.  Ha.  You see - the skipper is not the best pilot in the world, and he makes a lot of mistakes.  Here I am being critical - when I should be positive!  Seems I shall never change for the good.

Photo - while on R and R, went to visit the Arizona Memorial.

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