Tuesday, August 17, 2010

17 August 1970

Monday night
17 August 1970


No mail today - so I’ll be getting two letters tomorrow, I hope.

We’ve really had an abrupt change of weather here at Chu Lai.  We’ve had rain for the first time in months.  We’re getting close to monsoon season, and I guess this is just the first of it.  Rained all last night and this morning, and has been cloudy all day.  I hope the real monsoons will hold off until after we leave Chu Lai.

My scheduled hop today was canceled because of the weather.  Bad weather is also going to affect our flying from now to the end.  However I talked myself into a TPQ tonight at midnight, so that will make up for the hop I missed today.

I’m afraid my diet went right out the window at dinner tonight.  We had delicious roast beef and gravy, which I can’t turn down - and very good rolls - which we don’t get often.  I managed to refrain from potatoes, milk and dessert.  However - we had strawberry shortcake at lunch.  Shame on me!!  I guess I’ll have to make up for it by eating only 2 meals tomorrow!  Ha.

This is one of those “no news days” so I’ll close.

Photo - Stewardess in the galley of the aircraft on the way to R and R. (yep, that's what we called them back then)

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