Sunday, August 29, 2010

29 August 1970

Saturday night
29 August 1970

50 MORE DAYS!  Which is half as long as I was FAC.  So - I should be able to make it!!!

I didn’t get any mail today.

I flew again today - believe it or not.  And I’m scheduled to fly again tomorrow!  Our airplane situation is still the same, but they’re giving us a few more missions.  These missions are spaced through out the day so that we can use two airplanes for them all.

The movie tonight - “Bullitt” was broken up pretty bad, but it was still good to see it again.

Tomorrow night we are to have a floor show for our evening’s entertainment - but I have the all night ODO.  I may or may not get off to go to the floor show.  Our last two shows have been very good - I wonder if we can get three in a row!!

The other F-4 squadron here, VMFA - 314,  is also leaving Chu Lai - the same time we are.  Only it is going to El Toro - those lucky guys.  Apparently some big shots at 1st MAW said either fly us - or get us out - so they are getting us out.

Photo - Navy Corpsman treating a Vietnamese woman.  Taken while I was with the infantry.

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