Saturday, August 14, 2010

14 August 1970

Friday night
14 August 1970


And - I have less than 1 month left in Vietnam!

I have the all night ODO right now and I just finished writing the flight schedule for tomorrow. I scheduled myself for two missions tomorrow - and I’m wondering who will be the first to complain!

I flew one mission today, which turned out to be a bad one!  It was this afternoon and the weather was so bad in the target area that we couldn’t work the target - so we had to TPQ.  About the middle of the afternoon severe thunderstorms built up about 1- 15 miles inland - over the mountains.  It just happens that all the enemy are in those mountains so that’s where most of our good targets are.

There was a change of word today on who is going to Hawaii with the squadron.  It didn’t effect me, but several other guys aren’t very happy.  Glenn Monesmith – is due to go home in December - so he was to go back to Hawaii with 122.  However the criteria has changed and people with December RTD’s will have to stay in Vietnam with one of the other squadrons.  That’s really a blow to the guys effected - because everyone is really looking forward to leaving!

Since I’ve been back from Hawaii - my will power to diet seems to be slipping away!   I manage to control myself most of the time - but it’s hard.  I’m afraid I’m putting on a little weight because I can’t play handball everyday for exercise.  My ankle still hurts if I do anything vigorous.  It’s the same foot I hurt in Pensacola, and this injury was much the same as that one in Pensacola.

Photo - another picture from the Luau 

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