Friday, August 20, 2010

20 August 1970

Thursday night
20 August 1970


Today has been so uneventful, that I’ll be lucky to fill this page!!  My barcap tonight was canceled because we didn’t have enough airplanes (3) for it!!  So instead I have a midnight TPQ - seems like I’m becoming a night owl with all the night flying I’m doing these days.
I didn’t get any mail today so should get more mail tomorrow.

I did pack up some things today and get them mailed.  I mailed out my tape recorder, some of my cassettes and a box of clothing and uniforms.  I will probably mail some more things later, after I find out exactly how much stuff I’ll be taking to Hawaii.

It’s official now - only people with November RTD’S or earlier are going with us to Hawaii.  This has really been a blow to a lot of people who were making plans to have wives come to Hawaii.  Since we’re having so few people go to Hawaii, we probably won’t do a whole lot of flying after we get there.  We’ll probably spend the time I’m there getting reorganized and adjusting to our new mission (whatever that’l be?).

I have two hours ‘til my brief - so I’ll spend that time reading.

Photo - inside 707 on the way to R and R.  Noticed the overhead bins. 

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