Thursday, August 19, 2010

19 August 1970

Wednesday night
19 August 1970


Actually it is now 1230 am Thursday morning.  I just got back from a TPQ, which was a fiasco!!  We flew 100 miles up the coast, nearly to the DMZ and when we got there the controlling people on the ground said they couldn’t work us.  So we turned around and flew all the way back to Chu Lai and dropped our bombs west of Chu Lai.  Well, something was wrong with our ordnance jettisoning system, so we only dropped 3 bombs on the target!  And we were carrying 12 bombs.  So we really wasted the whole mission - but I still get a combat mission for it.  I also flew a CAS mission this afternoon and destroyed five bunkers.  So I now have 185 missions.

I got a letter today which I wasn’t expecting!  Since I got mail yesterday, I figured I’d get mail tomorrow!  Ha.

One thing I’m looking forward to when I get home is good char coaled hamburgers and steaks!

I weighed today - and I’m about 158 pounds!  I was really surprised because I seem to be eating more and have a larger appetite.  That must be because of the few exercises I do.  I do 30 pushups each morning and each night plus some other exercises.

I don’t have anything tomorrow until 1815 when I have a brief for a night BARCAP.  So - I’ll get to sleep most of the day to make up for this sleep I’m losing right now.  If I go to bed right now I might get to sleep in an hour - but I doubt it.  I wonder more and more if I might be getting insomnia!  I sleep so poorly when I do get to sleep that I don’t really get any rest.

Photo - on the grounds of a historic building in Honolulu, while on R and R

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