Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 August 1970

Tuesday night
18 August 1970


I did, indeed, get two letters today!  So I’m busting with pride!

I haven’t flown for two days now!  During that time, I’ve had four missions cancelled either because of the weather or because we didn’t have the planes.  Things are really grim, flying wise.  I suppose I like to fly more than any other RIO in the squadron, because most of the others could care less if we don’t fly much.

The bad weather continues to plague us.  We had a severe rainstorm this afternoon which poured several inches.  I like rain, but in it’s proper place and time!

The squadron only has 15 more flying days - and 22 days until we’re to leave Chu Lai.  I asked about how our mail will be handled, and I was told to just continue to have the mail sent here.  When we leave Chu Lai, our mail will automatically be sent to Hawaii from San Francisco.

I have to do a few exercises now - to keep me trim and slim.  Ha.

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