Thursday, August 26, 2010

26 August 1970

Wednesday night
26 August 1970


I got two letters today. 

I haven’t flown for two days - and I’m not flying tomorrow.  We have 2 squadrons here at Chu Lai now - and both together are only flying 10 missions tomorrow.  Life here is twice as bad as when we were flying dangerous missions in LAOS.  This feeling of just wasting time is awful.   Both of these squadrons could leave Vietnam tomorrow and no one would even miss us.

I had ODO for 3 hours this morning - but I have absolutely nothing tomorrow.  So I suppose I’ll just read and sleep all day!  Sounds like a real rough life, eh?

We had grilled steaks for dinner this evening and they were just great.  I stuffed myself with two of them and was still hungry!

Last night John Haynes cooked up some refried beans and he, Lou de la Garza, Mike Franger and I ate them with crackers and sodas.  Lou had these beans in a can and all we had to do was heat them (in a popcorn popper).  We are all waiting eagerly for those Fritos and bean dip!!!!!

Photo - Lagoon at Chu Lai

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