Friday, August 27, 2010

27 August 1970

Thursday night
27 August 1970


Another day - another dollar - or so it goes!  My day of sleep and reading was “ruined” by a test hop I had to fly this afternoon.  I spent from noon on, waiting for them to get the plane ready and finally finished the hop at 1700.

We had Mexican food at the snack bar tonight - tostados - and they were delicious.  I ate five of them before I could quit!!

I’m scheduled to fly tomorrow.  It’ll be my first combat mission in four days.  The squadron now has seven more flying (combat) days.  After that we will be flying a lot of test and training hops.  We have to flight test every plane to see if they will all refuel airborne.  Also have to check cabin pressurization, automatic pilot system, etc, etc, etc.  All the things needed for high altitude, long distance flying.

We had another good movie tonight - “The Kremlin Letter”.  All the good movies, at least, are helping to keep people cheered up a little.

The P.X. had cokes for sale today, so John Haynes and I bought a case for my reefer.  Cokes are very hard to get in Chu Lai - so when they are available, we stock up.

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