Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 1970

Sunday night
23 August 1970


I got three letters today. 

I left at 0815 for Cubi Point, Phillipines, and got there by 1000.  We went to the BOQ and  ate a very good brunch.  Then we went to the P.X. and did a little shopping.  I was looking for something specific but they didn’t have any.  Perhaps they will when I go back there on the way to Hawaii.  We left Cubi Point at 1300 and were in Chu Lai at 1445.  It’s not every day that I fly from one foreign country to another for lunch, then back again!

Tomorrow I’m going to fly with VMFA-115.  They are flying all their planes up to Danang and they don’t have as many RIOS as planes.  I’ll fly a regular mission, after which we’ll land at Danang and I’ll have to fly back to Chu Lai on a cargo plane.  At least I’ll get a combat mission for it.  I haven’t flown one for four days now.  And 122 isn’t flying again tomorrow. Looks like we may have quit flying earlier than we planned!!

Would you believe that because of a cut back in missions given to the 1st MAW, (we get our missions from the Air Force) the whole wing is flying less missions in one day than 122 used to fly alone in one day!!!!!  Between 40 and 50 missions.  This war is just about over for the Marines.  There can be only one reason for this drastic cut back in flying - the Air Force is getting ready for when there will be no Marines in Vietnam.  And that may not be to far away.

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