Sunday, August 22, 2010

22 August 1970

Saturday night
22 August 1970


I didn’t fly today - so I’ll just give up on trying to get 200 missions.  It’s impossible now.  In fact, the squadron didn’t fly a single mission today, and is not scheduled to fly any tomorrow!!!!!  That is how bad our airplane situation is.  The whole business is very frustrating and morale in the squadron is at it’s lowest ebb in some time.  Although we know we’re leaving soon, everyone is really depressed.

We’re “supposed” to have one plane up tomorrow, and I’ll be flying to Cubi Point, Philippines in that one plane.  We have to take some parts over there for one of our planes which is stuck in Cubi Point.  That plane is supposed to go to PAR (Rework facility) in Japan.  But it’s been down for weeks.  My trip over and back will take only a few hours, as it takes less than two hours to fly it one way.  However, if the plane I’m in goes down in Cubi Point, I might get to stay over night, or even a few days.  (Which I wouldn’t mind!!!)

We didn’t get any mail today as the mail plane didn’t get in until late tonight, so the mail will be delivered to the squadrons tomorrow morning.  All the squadrons work 24 hours a day - but the postal clerks don’t work at night!

We had a good movie tonight - “Where Eagles Dare” starred Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.  It was one of those very exciting WWII movies which keeps you on the very edge of your seat at all times.

Since this is Saturday, we were supposed to have steaks tonight - but no - we had a “special” meal last night (not steaks) in honor of VMFA-115 which moved to Danang today.  Since I was all fired up for steaks, I went to the club and bought a steak there.  It was very good!  It’s the first steak I’ve had since R&R!!

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