Monday, August 30, 2010

30 August 1970

Sunday night
30 August 1970


No mail for two days.  I did get a box of bean dip and Fritos.  They were all in good condition thanks to good packing material.  I immediately sat down and ate one can of dip, by myself.

I’m on the all night duty right now.  I’m a very well paid telephone answerer!

I just now had to stop and rewrite part of tomorrow’s flight schedule.

Right now I’m reading a very good book, A Shade of Difference, by Allen Drury.  He also wrote Preserve and Protect, and Advise and Consent.  His books are very good reading about politics and politicians, and all their ways of doing or not doing things.  I really get worked up when I read his books.  If they are even half true, things are really a mess!

The show we were to have at the club tonight was cancelled, so I’m not missing a thing.  I’ll just read and sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleep.  I still have trouble getting to sleep at nights.  I just can’t seem to relax when I go to bed.  My mind keeps thinking about a million things.  When I finally do get to sleep, it’s so late that I then sleep late in the morning. 

Photo - Chapel and post office/PX at Chu Lai

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