Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friday Night
21 Nov. 1969

At the end of another long day, I take up my pen. The squadron didn’t get any mail today, just packages. So I have no mail today.

My day started early with a 0630 brief for a CAS mission. We had a fairly good flight and a good BDA. We destroyed five hooches, two bunkers, and fifty meters of tree line, and damaged four hooches. The Marine ground troops had been receiving sniper fire from this tree line, so we bombed the area thoroughly. This place was about twenty miles southeast of Danang.

Today for lunch we had one of the best meals since I’ve been here. It was fish dinner of fried ocean perch, fried shrimp, and fried scallops, all very good. I just kept going back for more ‘til I was stuffed!

We were to have a floor show tonight at the club and everyone had been looking forward to it for a week. But something happened and it was canceled. Instead we had a lousy movie titled Vengeance of She. These things, plus no mail today, have dropped my morale to an all time low. But I’m already looking forward to when the mail comes tomorrow.

Photo - hanging out on the hot pad.

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