Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday night
23 Dec. 1969

I’m beat! I haven’t slept the past two nights, I’ve flown all night both nights! I’ve had 4 hrs sleep since noon yesterday. Someone asked me if I wanted a hop tonight at 0200 and I said no! I’m going to get some sleep.

No letter today. Makes 3 days without a letter.

There’s nothing really to write about. I’ve had the usual day of flying (twice), the usual meals, etc! Our hot water heater has been broken for several days, so to get a hot shower (usually only warm) I have to walk down to the other showers. It’s not far, but is inconvenient.

We had a floor show tonight at the club. It was a Korean group and were quite good. We’ve now been entertained by Koreans, Filipinos, and Australians. We still have no word about when Bob Hope and his show will come to Chu Lai.

We go on the hot pad tomorrow, so if Bob Hope does come here some of us will not be able to see the show, for we’ll have to man the hot pad. I’d like to see his show, just so I can say I have.

We had a another pretty day, today. However, I fear bad weather is moving in again.

I did get a can of nuts and a Navy Times today.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and all my thoughts will be with family.

Photo - floor show at the Officer's Club

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