Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tuesday night
2 Dec. 1969

This has been a full day, but I really didn’t accomplish much! My job as ground safety officer is going to be more work than I had thought. We had a safety meeting this morning which I attended, and as a result, have to make two reports, and check on some safety problems in the squadron. The work I like - the reports I don’t like.

I had my physical this morning and passed okay. I was worried about the dental part of it, but the dentist said my teeth are in real good shape. Not bad, considering I haven’t been to a dentist for a year! He did say it wouldn’t hurt to get them cleaned - but I’ve been putting that off for six, that’s right, six years. When I had my teeth checked prior to going to LCC, the dentist said I needed to have my teeth cleaned. But I never seemed to get around to doing it! I wonder why. Ha.

Then, I had the duty this afternoon, and played bridge again tonight for four hours.
I have a roommate, now. I have mixed feelings - but I don’t think I’ll like it as much as being alone. His name is Kirk _______ something. It’s one of those Mc something names. He’s a pilot and came from Beaufort.

I used the flashlight tonight and it’s great. It has a very bright light. I will try to bring most of this stuff back with me.

I’m going to buy myself a cassette tape recorder. These cassettes can be bought pre-recorded with music and is like playing records. I won’t be able to make tapes from this recorder, so I’ll have to continue to use the other one for that. These cassette players can usually be used portable or plugged into electricity. The only reason I’m going to buy one is because the radio reception is so bad. I’ll not buy it until I get out of country again, so I’ll have the money saved up.

Photo - hangers and revetments as seen from the runway.

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