Friday, September 11, 2009

Monday night
1 Dec. 1969

It’s after 2300 and I’ve been playing bridge for the past four hours! I’ve become addicted to this game!! And the good thing about it is that it’s an enjoyable way to pass an otherwise long evening.

Tonight the club was closed for inventory, so no movie. Without the card game it would have been a bad evening. I’ve slacked off reading, because I’m trying to struggle thru a book. It’s good, but it just doesn’t grab my interest!

I got a letter today and a package from the Young American’s for Freedom Club. It was a huge package full of all kinds of goodies and books. I.E. Fritos and bean dip (six cans) life savers, gobs of baggies (125) and other things. I bet that package cost them $6.00 - $7.00 including postage. I opened it at the hot pad today and the c.o. and I just about cleaned up the Fritos and two cans of bean dip. The skipper had missed lunch and was quite hungry! Obviously he craves bean dip.

I have an annual physical in the morning at 0730 so I’ll have go get up early again. I got up at 0445 this morning because we had the hot pad today for one day. The squadron that was to have the pad had a change of command ceremony and a stand-down.

I was on the pad all day, but did get to scramble once! We scrambled for a CAS mission. Not very exciting, but a hop anyway.

My eyes have been giving me some trouble the past couple of day. They itch and I keep rubbing them and they are blood shot pretty bad. I don’t know why.

We got some more rain tonight. The first in 48 hours! We had two real pretty days.

I came across another quote I like. It’s from the book I’m now reading. “If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meal. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life.” Nothing special, but I like it.

Photo - F-4 being loaded with bombs.

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