Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturday night
29 Nov. 1969

Another long, useless, uneventful day is gone! Thank heavens. Each day seems to be a little worse than the day before!! I didn’t get any sleep at all last night so I slept this morning and got about 5 hours of sleep. Then I had to get up and brief for a mission that was cancelled because of bad weather. Next, I didn’t get any mail at all today. The movie tonight was one of those psychedelic, animated movies made by the Beatles and featured a lot of their songs. Title, Yellow Submarine. I watched about half of the movie before I had all I could take.

When I came out of the club, the sky was completely clear, with only a couple of puffy clouds! That’s the most stars I’ve seen from the ground in the last two weeks. It is also very cold tonight! Right now the temperature must be well below 60 which is cold for us. Some of the guys have been wearing their flight jackets, but I’m holding out until it really gets cold!

I mentioned before, I believe, that Russ is teaching me to play bridge. We played a game this afternoon, and we won! Not because of my abilities, however! Russ and I played John Haynes and John Cascio, a pilot. Cascio was stationed at El Toro before coming over here, and he says the place is just great. I sure wouldn’t mind if the whole squadron moved from here to El Toro!!!! Boy, that’s just to much to even think about!

I’ve flown only seven times in the two weeks since I’ve been back from Cubi Point. I was doing so much flying and now it has slacked off so that I feel completely useless.

This may sound like I’m really in the dumps, but, really, I’m cheerful about being over here. I just love each day being 24 hours of boredom! I love the lousy, fitful, sleepless nights! I love all the really fine movies we see here each night! But, I love most of all, the outstanding food they serve us here!! Ugh. There’s no doubt about it - all our fighting men are in good spirits.

Photo - bomb loading equipment on flight line

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