Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wednesday night
26 Nov. 1969

I don’t think I’ve had one good night’s sleep since I got here. It’s really getting bad! I have nightmares or dreams and wake up three or four times during the night! One night, before I flew with an awful pilot, I dreamed that pilot and I crashed! Of course I was okay, but it sure ruined my sleep!

I didn’t fly today, for the fourth day! And I’m about to go crazy, not doing anything! The weather is still very bad here, and even getting colder. It’s like the early winter in the panhandle of Texas.

All flights that take off from here still have to divert to Ubon, Thailand. This morning, eight of our planes were there. It’s really uncanny how all these flights have been going to Ubon and I haven’t been lucky enough to make it yet.

I got two letters today, and the Post. It was just marvelous getting a real newspaper, even if it is two weeks old! We are really news starved over here. I haven’t seen a copy of the Stars and Stripes for four days, and the radio is so lousy I can’t listen to the news. And, even when I can it’s not very comprehensive news.

I was thinking today, if I spend a whole year away, the states could really change in that length of time. When you think of how much can happen in a year and the way fads and fashions change, it’s really uncanny. Plus the ‘71 cars will be out, and I haven’t even seen most of the ‘70 models yet!

It has rained so much today that I finally had to go to supply and get me some rain gear to wear. I’ve been wearing my rain coat, but if it’s raining a lot, it becomes saturated and isn’t waterproof anymore. We’ve had constant rain for three days now, ranging from a drizzle to a downpour!

Everywhere is mud!

Photo - Pilot, RIO and plane captain

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