Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday night
20 Dec. 1969

My health is much improved tonight! I still have a lingering sore throat but I flew twice today anyway. I flew 2 TPQ’s. [ground radar controlled air strike]

We had a squadron formation tonight and they presented some Air Medals, but I didn’t get mine because they thought I would be flying at the time! So now I suppose I’ll have to wait until the next formation which will be a month from now I guess! It’s really unsat!

We had a pretty day today, for once. Only rained for about 5 minutes, and I was out in it! Without my rain gear.

This has been the kind of day I like. I flew this morning, got back in time to eat and brief for my next flight. I got back from that flight, and went to brief for another! The last hop was a BARCAP. We have to taxi three planes to the end of the runway, but only two of them take off, the third stands by in case one of the first two planes can’t complete the mission.

I was in the third plane and never did take off!

Then got my mail and rushed over to eat, then rushed to the formation! A busy day keeps my mind busy! The movie tonight was Where were you when the lights went out? A Doris Day comedy and very entertaining as usual.

Tomorrow’s Sunday, just another day in the week. Doesn’t seem possible that it was last Sunday when I was in Ubon! Time does seem to pass quickly! I’ve been here nine weeks! Seems like forever.

Photo - F-4 waiting for aircrew.

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