Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saturday night
6 Dec. 1969

I got two letters today.

I flew two times today. I flew a BARCAP this morning that I wasn’t scheduled for. They woke me up at 0800 and we took off at 0843, so I didn’t even have time to brush my teeth. The BARCAPs are up north and this was a clear day, so I got to see North Vietnam and China real good.

This afternoon I flew on a manuel hop which is a mission that is top secret. We had radio failure enroute to our target so we had to abort the mission. Meanwhile, an A-4 crashed at Chu Lai and closed the runway for 30 minutes, so we had to land at Danang and refuel. We didn’t even get out of the planes.

The movie tonight was a good one, finally. Goodbye Columbus, rated R. It starred Ali McGraw.

Photo - bomb craters

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