Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday night
28 Nov. 1969

I have the all night duty again tonight! Seems like it was just a few days ago I had it last! I didn’t get to fly today, although I was on the hot pad all morning. I was scheduled for a CAP mission this afternoon, but it was cancelled because we didn’t have enough air planes.

That flashlight I wanted, is made in Japan and several people over here have them. I think they sell them in PX’s in Japan and Okinawa. I’ll get O.J. to get me one in Okinawa when he goes next week.

Boy, I can’t think of anything to write! We’re watching television news and they just said that the “New Christy Minstrels” performed here at Chu Lai yesterday and we didn’t even know about it. They went on to say that they performed at the Army’s amphitheater! Boy, we miss out on everything!

The Army division is on the other side of Chu Lai and I understand that all the celebrities that come here visit the army and not the Marines. If Bob Hope comes here we probably won’t even get to see him.

I just heard on television that Arkansas beat Tech 32-0. I had hoped that Tech could do better than that.

Photo - the kind of entertainment we got on our side of the air field.

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